Don’t Break The Bank On Date Night

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nette Barbieri, Vanessa Freeman, Life Style Xpress, Vanessa Freeman Host, How to Save Money on Dates, How to save money going out

Lynette Barbieri, Money & Business Coach gives us some great tips on how to NOT to break the bank on date night.  Don’t worry, you can still have a blast without going broke 😉


Lynette Barbieri, Vanessa Freeman, Life Style Xpress, Vanessa Freeman Host, How to Save Money on Dates, How to save money going out

Spending a small fortune on date night isn’t going to make the night any more memorable – except when the bill arrives. There are plenty of ways to have a wonderful night out for any occasion without blowing your budget. Here are some ideas:

1. Go somewhere new

Visit that museum you’ve always been intending to get to but never seem to have the time. Take a boat or scenic train ride. Catch a play or romantic movie you both have been wanting to see. Getting out and doing something new, especially for harried parents, helps your relationship keep going strong.

2. Whip up something romantic

Fix your sweetheart his or her favorite meal. And even if you’re not known as the most enthusiastic of chefs, Chicken Marsala and a no bake chocoate cake are way easier than they look. Make something that allows you to do most of the prep work ahead of time and finish at the last minute. This is where those Internet cooking channels can come in handy.

3. Make it a day out

If it’s warm where you are, consider a picnic at your favorite park or at the beach or pool. This is a picnic you’ll want to do up right with an old style wicker basket, champagne, fruits, pickles, delicious sandwiches, veggies with dipping sauce, cake, and good chocolates. Bring along some romantic music and a thick blanket on which to put everything – including yourselves. Don’t forget the bottle of wine.

4. Trip the light fantastic

Have a romantic dinner at home, and then head out to dance the night away. If one or both of you aren’t big on dancing, a couple of hours of ballroom dance lessons could be a romantic and new experience. There are Internet specials galore for introductory dance lessons. You can go to the gym, hike together, or a simple walk by the beach could work too.

5. Start the day right

The perfect day starts with the always trusty breakfast in bed. Think how pleased your loved one will be to wake up to the aromas of freshly brewed coffee, warm apple muffins, crispy bacon, and fluffy omelets. Especially if that loved one happens to be you!

Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Don’t forget to use coupons too. Remember paying yourself first is the #1 rule of the money game!

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