The Friendship Bracelet for Millennials

October 15, 2015 0 comments
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Not to date myself, but I know ya’ll remember those gimp string bracelets in middle school that literally used to adorn everything we held dear to us… our wrists, book bags, textbooks, shoes and of course on our most prized possession, our best friends.

Nothing said “homies for life” like a custom bracelet made specially for your main chick, with hot pink and neon green accents of course.  Well, sorry 80’s babies! Those days of  gimp and yarn bracelets are out with your mama’s tam.  A new phase of wearable technology has hit the scene and it’s called, Gemio.  These bracelets are not only unique, because you can customize the stones and gems, but the gems light up and they can shine and glimmer on command, controlled by your iphone (duh)!  You can choose an array of colors and color patterns, changing it up depending on your mood (or outfit).  But the kicker is that this smart bracelet syncs with your friends bracelets and lights up when they’re within 50-100 feet.

Gemio Bracelets

Now, if you worried because you have more than one bestie and you don’t want to make anyone feel less special-don’t fret, you can customize each friend’s color pattern, so you know exactly who’s in the vicinity based on the flashing lights.  You can even communicate with you friends, sending different light patters as codes.  And based on our love of all things social, there is NO limit to how many people you can link into your bracelet network.  Still not sold?  Well, you have until November to make up your mind, since that’s when you’ll be able to officially pre-order.  Yes, JUST in time for Christmas!  I actually think this is a great gift.  Luckily, time has proven not every trend goes out of fashion, and the whole bracelet fad seems to still “in” for elementary and middle school aged kids, maybe even some high schoolers.  The target market for these bracelet is ages 13-18.  Find out more about pre-ordering at Mashable.   Happy early holiday shopping (YIKES)!!

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